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      Business owners are constantly wondering whether their IT budgets are in line or if the IT department is working in the most efficient way. IT is often viewed as an expenditure to the company budget when in fact IT should be helping a company make money. Underperforming IT negatively affects business performance. There are usually many unneeded expenditures due to the company not knowing what they need, are purchasing or have been adviced to do. There are IT consultants without integrity that will take advantage of a company that doesn't know what is best for thier company.

      Bay Technology Consulting with its years of IT management experience will come into your company and perform an unbiased assessment and evaluation of your IT department and budgets. We will compile a report that will point out cost saving areas and how to make your IT department and resources work to make the company money instead of being an expenditure.

      Bay Technology Consulting will focus on improving IT performance by analyzing, designing, developing and maintaining solutions that meet business needs. We will ensure all projects are successful through quality assurance and good project management.

      After performing our assessment and evaluation, we will advise you of our findings and work beside you to devise a future plan that will enable your technology to help your company grow and make money. IT will no longer be considered an expenditure in your company.

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"Our Keller Williams Realty St. Pete office has been using Bay Technology Consulting for over 4 years. BTC has come to our rescue many times and also helped us plan and implement as we continue to grow our company. BTC is responsive and very easy to work with. BTC doesn't speak over your head and gets the job done quickly & smoothly."

"BTC is the BEST! BTC has handled my personal homes tech devices (multiple computers, cell phones, wifi, printers, etc)for over 10 years now. My family couldn't function without him. He is honest, reliable, and affordable. I have referred BTC over the years to friends and family, who all continue to use him and thank me for lending him out!...." - A. Joyner

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Colossians 3:23